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Videochat November 2015

AccursedFarms TwitchTV channel: http://www.twitch.tv/rossbroadcast

This is an unedited discussion with the fanbase over many different topics related to the videos, games, and many other things. This is a very informal video with lots of rambling, but I try to answer many questions also. Normal videos will resume after this one.
These videochats be continuing monthly, however future sessions will be unlisted on Youtube so as not to spam everyone interested in the regular videos. More information on future ones will be posted here.

Answers to more important questions:

3:27 and 8:50 | THE MOVIE

6:50 | Freeman’s Mind
19:40 | Civil Protection
\1:01:17 | Monthly Video-Chats
1:25:20 | Moon Gaming

Interesting Topics:
| 13:40 | “Why are you in Poland?”
| 29:17 | “Have you settled on Unreal 4 for THE MOVIE?”
| 32:08 | “How’s the internet in Poland?”
| 37:44 | “Voice actor advice?”
| 46:34 | “Do you plan to do more Ross Rants?”
| 1:05:29 | “European fans meetup?”
| 1:06:35 | “Why don’t you post videos on Machinima anymore?”

More Movie Info:
| 1:13:52 | “Do you need people besides animators for the movie?”
| 1:18:33 | “When did you start with the script?”

December chat is found here:

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