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Videochat November 2015

Hey everyone, here are the results of the videochat for anyone who wanted to take a look at it:

There was lots of rambling, but I went over a lot of things and answered a bunch of different questions. For those that don’t want to watch all this, I don’t blame you, probably the biggest news in this was that due to such fantastic support from the fundraiser, I plan on continuing Freeman’s Mind out of respect for the viewers. Having my back the way people have this past month has made such a difference in my life that I feel like I owe it to the audience. The downside however, is I don’t want to let this push aside the movie, so I won’t even begin on it until after I’ve made significant progress on the technical end of things for the movie, specifically establishing my animation systems and having rigged character models. Even after that, progress will be slow, but hey, more Freeman’s Mind in the future!

This video is completely unedited and while I’m making this first one totally visible on the Youtube channel, for future ones, I thought I might post them unlisted, so that regular viewers aren’t spammed by them each month. They’ll still be easily accessible from the site here however. Let me know if people have suggestions for when the next monthly chat should be, I’m leaning towards December 6th, but I don’t know what time yet.

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