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Ross staggers through Bozo’s Night Out.

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New Game Dungeon! I think this might be the shortest one so far, but I promise I didn't skimp any on the quality. This game certainly had things to talk about. I originally was going to start working on the Patreon campaign next, but after the muddled reaction to Moon Gaming, I felt like I should get another Game Dungeon out first to let people know I wasn't abandoning other videos. On that note, I think I'm going to discontinue Moon Gaming as the response to it wasn't what I was hoping. While I think it has potential to be better, I don't think it would be a LOT better than what was already seen. Since that's been scrapped, after Patreon is set up, my new plan is to get as many Game Dungeons out for October as I can. I have a couple smaller episodes planned and at least one larger one for Halloween, but I'll just see what's doable. More stuff coming!



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I'm no Brit, but the setting of the game kinda reminds me of a night in the Midlands, Birmingham in particular. Bozo could be a factory worker on nightshift, but that's just me after reading I Am Ozzy and a photo book of the Midlands. That aside, great work there, Ross. It may be short, but I like it nevertheless. Keep it up!

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I love the introduction text voiceover, it's easily one of the best parts of any episode I've watched.


Also, what if that's Bozo's pub? He just goes in there, drinks alone, goes home, drinks some more, sobers up a bit during the day, and repeat.

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Wait I just read the newsbit. I'm excited for the Patreon to happen and for a lot of Game Dungeon. Kind of bummed that Moon Gaming couldn't've been as good as the other series, but at least it was worth the try.

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Yeah, that park segment is kind of like the gameplay equivalent of a Big-Lipped Alligator Moment.


Come to think of it, it also reminds me of the album art for the Skinny Puppy album "Too Dark Park."

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I think those "pits" that Ross is referring to here are actually explained (kind of) by the box cover. They're manholes. Now, the boxart shows a circular manhole, but I think the squarish ones in the game were just a graphical limitation.


But the boxart doesn't really negate what Ross is saying, either. All you can see is a pair of eyes staring up at Bozo as he walks towards the manhole. It could still be a subterranean demon. :lol:

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I was eating a giant grilled cheese sandwich when i watched this video.

So now every time I load the video, i think of a grilled cheese sandwich.


I've never gotten piss drunk before. So now, whenever i think about what being drunk feels like, i think it feels like the slight tummy ache i got after eating two giant grilled cheese sandwiches.

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Heh... first what got in my head: Movie "World's End"" with Simon Pegg




We have LOOOOTS of beer there, weird aliens, beer, pubs and... more beer.




Second: old Flash Game "Drunk Walk"




Also small info about beer:


Andre the Giagant drink Molson Canadian that had 5% of alcohol, just like most of higher quality beer in Canada and USA.

Average Polish and German Beer have from 7% to 9% of alcohol.

But in GB average beer have 4% or even 3% procentage.

Mostly Because Brits drink loots of beer, and its actually just part of social life(and also AP is taxed there), not "party-hard" DLC for life.

So you really need to drink more than 10 pints to actually feel that you drink beer, even if it taste good(brits have really good quality beer)


So no matter of your weight, 60 pints is not that much.

I have really light head(I shame my country Poland, and I actually can hit the ground after half of bottle of vodka :P ) but still when I tried drink beer that had 4% I didnt feel nothing after 12 pint. And if someone drink it for most of time 60 pints is just nothing.


My grandfather friend actually drink so much beer that I think that record of Andre is just for show off, and most of people around the world drink that amount every day... :lol::lol:


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I think there was an indie game that came out recently with a similar premise to this. I think Markiplier played it. Ah well, this looks fun regardless.

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Hahaha that introduction readthrough, I lost it there!

Great video, even though its short. I guess I'm used to a min. of 20 mins of Ross's preaching.

Let's get a contest going. I've been able to drink about 3 L of beer in about 30 mins.

Can anyone top that?

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