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  1. Oh hey, a Game Dungeon episode of a game I actually have a copy of (well ok, I also have a copy of Puzzle Agent, but still). I never really got that far in Apocalyptica though. As for the thing about the bible pickups, I tried checking the manual and it doesn't even mention them. In fact it doesn't seem to say anything about any of the pickups. I guess the character bios were clearly more important.
  2. Huh, so Freeman's Mind is going to be 10 this year. Somehow it never occurred to me how old this series is despite watching it from (very nearly) the beginning.
  3. The original Ratchet & Clank While I wouldn't say it's a bad game, it's pretty hard to go back and play it when you're used to the stuff added later on. For example, like the upgrade systems and the much better controls system that allows you to strafe, shoot and dodge at the same time. Morrowind I really tried to get into Morrowind, but it's just not very fun for me. You move way too slow, you never hit anything and quests only vaguely tell you where to go. That last thing is especially bad since it seems I have zero sense of direction so I never end up finding anything. Then again, who knows? Maybe I'm just too used to having quest markers? I guess it probably doesn't help that I didn't play any games in the Elder Scrolls series until Skyrim. I did enjoy Oblivion though, so I guess I've got that going for me. The Sims After playing The Sims 2, I couldn't help but notice how annoying it was in the original that your Sim had to work every single day. After that, it just sort of started feeling like a bit of a chore in comparison to play. The music is still some of the best in the series though.
  4. I guess I'd like to see him cover something like Harvester (you always were a kidder, Steve) or Dark Seed (witty reference goes here). You know, those classic horror adventure games that haven't quite aged well but still have that strange charm about them.
  5. Now that I think about it, the only FMV game I've ever played was Journeyman 3 Project... well, that and I got recommended Normality a couple of years ago, but I'm not counting that as I haven't finished it and it doesn't have the live action actors thing. But yeah, judging from the ones I've seen Retsupurae cover, these games usually have some rather interesting acting. I guess while I'm here, here's a wishlist thing to get RAMA on GOG.
  6. If anyone's interested, TotalBiscuit had something to say in the comments. As for Ross being offered to be on the Co-Optional Podcast, might be enough to get me to actually listen to an episode.
  7. Looks like that'll be 7:00 AM for me. Yeah, I'm definitely going to end up missing this one.
  8. Because I'm new at this and I wanted something I was sure could handle a ton of people and I know twitch.tv has a really seasoned architecture for this sort of thing. If people decide they want Livestream later, we can switch to that. Isn't Livestream that website that only lets a certain number of viewers see your stream if you're a free user? I haven't really checked in quite some time. I guess YouTube's streaming feature could also work as an alternative.
  9. 9PM for me. Now to see if I remember about this...
  10. Through one of those CDs full of random shareware games? I'm still wondering where a school I went to years ago got all of their games from (naturally they were all gone in the move to Windows XP). Still can't find Aro II.
  11. Well the Steam forums are a mess, the reddit community is a mess and still no word from Overkill. Yup, Crimefest has definitely gone well so far.
  12. How dare you leave out the king of home video formats? He clearly should also have a Freeman's Mind LaserDisc collection!
  13. Seems like your typical pub crawl over here in England to me.
  14. To be honest, if you were to continue Moon Gaming (though it seems I'm too late with this considering all the no answers), you'd definitely need to change the type of game you're going to play. It really does need to be something you can work off of and have plenty to say about. It might have also helped if you cut down the video some more. Or you could try what Retsupurae do and watch a Longplay of a weird old game that may have not aged well (kind of like MST3000).
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