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  1. I kinda wish this game was like GRID and showed the full wipe-out, then let you reverse it a few times.
  2. So fun fact about the main theme song to this game. When the composer sent it in, the director didn't like it and told him to make a new song, but then changed his mind because he couldn't get the theme song out of his head.
  3. Three eyed and green, we all know who the rama are:
  4. For getting through the fan questions during a stream, I would suggest having a person copy and paste questions directed at you from twitch into a google doc or something similar to filter the questions from the viewer conversations. They could also filter any repeat QA questions.
  5. @shinysapling - I mostly agree with you, but I think it doesn't matter so much the type or popularity of the game Ross talks about, but his enthusiasm for the game. I feel that the game dungeons are driven by the fact Ross has found games that are so interesting/bizarre he needs to talk about them, and this compulsion is part of what makes the videos so good.
  6. So, just a video idea to put out there: when steam sale hits again, could you do a video on your opinions of what is/is not worth getting?
  7. I choose to believe this is what happened to Doomguy after the events of Doom 2.
  8. The background are actually an attempt at hypnotism, to prepare you for the harvest.
  9. Good to hear from you Ross.
  10. Yeah, this is the reason. The game came out 28 years after the first entry, 17 after Wolfenstein 3D, and is the first major release to be on consoles. Most people don't know too much about it. While the game itself is rather bland, The New Order is great. I think. I didn't play through it all the way, and it's been sitting on my shelf for like ten months. Should get around to that soon... Yeah, I liked The New Order. They are putting out an expansion pack for it next month.
  11. With the name, I think they want people to think its stand alone or a reboot so that they don't feel the need to play the other games first.
  12. @kingkolton his image is of an ethene molecule with the hydrogen and carbon swapped (ethene -> eneeth)
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