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  1. I was eating a giant grilled cheese sandwich when i watched this video. So now every time I load the video, i think of a grilled cheese sandwich. I've never gotten piss drunk before. So now, whenever i think about what being drunk feels like, i think it feels like the slight tummy ache i got after eating two giant grilled cheese sandwiches.
  2. I really want to change my profile picture to this Whenever i try it just gives me a blank white screen :\
  3. Where did you get the time machine? (No, really how did you play the game?)
  4. Has anyone figured out "Ham and swiss on rye" yet?
  5. About the fan art thing. Have you considered making a group on DeviantArt?
  6. Nobody ever talks about this game anymore. Ross should.
  7. StrawberryClock posted this on the FacePunch thread, and i thought it was brilliant so i forwarded it here. "I'd like a one-shot episode (maybe like an episode 58.5) where in his drug-induced hallucinations he plays a level from Black Mesa, commenting on how everything looks WAY too real for some reason and just blames it on the morphine. Perhaps he could just make it non-canon like that other .5 episode where he died." -StrawberryClock http://facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1419472
  8. I do alot of Mouse drawing in my spare time. HINT: The design of this guy is based off of a video game character. If you know who, you get a text hug. >('-')>
  9. They have the same wierdness with Gorilla Gong. I think Ross must really... REALLY REALLY not like spam bots :\
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