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  1. The way how it works is also super dependent on your OS, I couldn't get it to work in a VM but the game worked well on an old install of Windows. Modern Windows 10? When the overlaid hud's drawn, the framerate DIES.
  2. There's people that don't like Wallace and Gromit?
  3. Yes, he might be making another Freeman's Mind, but we're going to have to expect months in between new episodes. It'll only be a thing after the movie production becomes stable, which might take a year at least. So, yeah, earliest date for Freeman's Mind is 2017.
  4. Old image I had, but it's just a great image overall.
  5. Watch Ross play the world's most boring game and call it hell because the episode took forever to make and now we have to suffer through it. And it's 45 minutes. And it's also a bad episode compared to the ones before, in which Ross doesn't cut out messed up lines.
  6. Ross, take as much time as you need for the movie. I'd gladly wait an extra year or two or seven for it to be completed.
  7. Wait I just read the newsbit. I'm excited for the Patreon to happen and for a lot of Game Dungeon. Kind of bummed that Moon Gaming couldn't've been as good as the other series, but at least it was worth the try.
  8. I love the introduction text voiceover, it's easily one of the best parts of any episode I've watched. Also, what if that's Bozo's pub? He just goes in there, drinks alone, goes home, drinks some more, sobers up a bit during the day, and repeat.
  9. This is the only video that I didn't really like, also the only one I haven't watched to the end. I gave up halfway around the first part because it was so boring, the production value was great, but there was very little entertainment in it, sadly. I don't think you should go over the top, but there was very little in the way of an interesting discussion.
  10. There's similar hidden content in Sims 2, why would you think it would be DLC?
  11. You can't move the subtitles, sadly, not unless you download the video and the subs and play them in MPC or something like that.
  12. Freeman's Mind 2 is now Civil Protection 2.
  13. Midnight Race Club Supercharged. No other game in this list comes close to the trainwreck of a HALF-FINISHED BIG RIGS.
  14. I'd probably follow a cult that idolizes Ross. So long as the holy text is common sense and it's not as closed down as some of the other ones (cough cough Scientology)
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