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  1. I think there was an indie game that came out recently with a similar premise to this. I think Markiplier played it. Ah well, this looks fun regardless.
  2. *start of the game* "Ok, gotta retrace your steps Gordon. The scientists just dumped me in fuck-knows-where space, I killed an elder God, Mr. CIA Time Lord offered me a job through a portal, next thing I know I'm in some E.T. Orwellian nightmare with no weapons or suit. Ohhh, I get it. My first job must be to destabilize this government. Except they didn't give me any equipment or briefing! Well whatever, if I end up failing this mission, whatever it is, it's their fault for not telling me shit! And I said I wanted Hawaii dammit!"
  3. Maybe a rant video on the console wars?
  4. I am constantly enthralled in how passionate you get about these things. Yeah, corporate decisions are the worst. I work at McDonalds so I'm reminded of that constantly. This companies bringing in billions worldwide daily, yet we can't fix our ice machine because it's not in the budget. Once minimum wage went up, hours get cut. Any dip in profit, no matter how miniscule, results in drastic budget cuts for everyone. No one is safe from this, even gamers.
  5. Ross deserves so much more recognition for how much effort he puts into these videos. Goodness golly, I could listen to this guy talk about ANYTHING for hours.
  6. The fact I never know what to expect in these episodes is the reason Ross is my favorite internet personality ever. Wonderful work as always man.
  7. I played this version a bit. The lighting is very nice and the textures noticeably enhanced. The commentary is also great but the familiar voices probably assist with that. I'm happy with it, especially since it was free. If Ross does decide to do Freemans Mind in HL2, this is the version he should play.
  8. I'm eager to try it. I thought the graphics of HL2 held up pretty well, but I'm always up for a touch up. Especially if it's free.
  9. Looking forward to the movie. As for other video ideas, maybe a grand tour of Poland (or at least your current hometown). Otherwise, why not do a game dungeon on you absolute favorite game?
  10. Wow, it's been a long time coming, but all things considered, a satisfying conclusion in my eyes. Can't wait to see what Ross has in store next after his r&r
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