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  1. Morning fellas (or evening, wherever you from) ! Maybe this allready got discussed to death somewhere, but this is kinda the first time I post here after "decades" Been following Ross for a long time and one question allways came up for me. Why isn't he just pumping FM episodes like crazy? I mean, I know hes kind of busy with stuff, and wants to do other projects too, but isn't Machinima paying a tinzybinzy bid more for views than Youtube itself? Wouldn't it make sense to milk that? I remember "back in the days" I just Abo'd Machinima for FM, but the time span between episodes became biger and biger every time and I moved on from checking here and YT multible times a day to once a month, and now like twice a year Other people with far less talent can live of this sh*t too tl;dr why not milk fm for them yt moneyz to be able to get other things kicked off more easily. And please no flaming here, I followed his "story", just wanted to check if I missed something Hope you excuse my bad english and have a nice free day, mfg Sw0rD
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