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  1. I find it kinda odd that Valve JUST did a big update, then a smaller, but still big, update. Then they have 'Half-Life 3' added to a list which is then taken off...Cold Stream JUST came out for Left 4 Dead. They released the Film Maker, and updated steam also....This new update ends when that convention begins...I think it is all pretty intriguing...
  2. No they aren't Valve made, and to me Opposing Force is a bit off, although I am still in the beginning parts. Blue Shift is pretty good, but I am thinking it is allot shorter because it takes out a section of time after the Resinance Cascade happens, to when the soldiers show up. I do also have to say that I was spoiled on Half Life: Source, so the graphics are a bit worse, and the small little effects that you really don't notice in HL:S like the blood splatters when you shoot something, or bullet holes in walls.
  3. I got Blue Shift, and Opposing Force. $5 This completes all the games I wanted.... XD
  4. 1531 subtracted by your Aunt Debbie's Age
  5. From what I have seen with experimenting with it, the only files I can't load from Half Life 2 are the maps, but I am still messing around with it.
  6. #4 on the list. http://www.cracked.com/article_19906_6-pieces-fan-art-that-are-better-than-original.html I have tried it out a little, this is a pretty good remake. I have played the original game a few times...but I like this on allot better
  7. FAQ say's that it is being released for "TF2 World" only. "Q. What can people do with the SFM? The SFM allows a storyteller to create an entire movie on location inside the video game world of Team Fortress 2. Movies exported with the SFM can be uploaded to the web or shared like any normal movie file." "If you're interested in making movies and games in parallel, sign up for an SFM beta key and start shooting your movie on location inside the world of TF2 today. " http://sourcefilmmaker.com/ http://www.sourcefilmmaker.com/faq/
  8. 1451 Does anyone realize this thread is going to be 5000 pages long by the time you reach 1000000? call me when it gets to page 4999.
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