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  1. Cant I just make the subtitles and nhave them send to you via text documents adn e-mail because I dont have sony vegas and I realy want to make the Bulgarian subbs for CP what im trying to say is that I want to write them like this... 1:23 to 1:34 Mike stop it(Майк спри!)
  2. Hello there Ross i see that you made a topic about bulgarian subtitles and I want to make you an offer. 1- I want to write the subtitles for the Civil Protection in Bulgarian for all the episodes that are now avalable in Bulgarian. 2-I want you to explain how you want me to write the subtitles.....like do you want me to write them in a text document and have them send It to ya or something else because I have been making subtitles in the Video sharring website in out country also known as VBOX.bg there simple people can write the subtitles and have the video uploaded again with the SUBS. Tell me what I need to do and I will translate Civil protection to BULGARIAN.....you have 2 days to reply and now im writing this as fast as I can Because time for me is short however I will have ALOT of time to work on the SUBS. Thanks for your time(sorry if I had any mistakes).
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