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  1. >Thread to discuss Shephard's Mind - Episode 25 >Link provided leads to Episode 24 LOL I was watching Episode 24 after I watched 25 so I must have put the wrong one
  2. 5. "Help meeeee..." Episode 32. I just love the way he says it. 4."MONKEY ON A STICK WE'RE BEING FINGERED BY GODZILLA" Episode 15. Look at my username. 3."LAZER. Caution. LAZER. Caution. LAZER. Caution. LAZER. What could it all mean?" Episode 3. Classic. 2."OK CHILDREN, CLASS IS IN SESSION! EVERYONE TAKE YOUR SEAT! I SAID EVERYONE TAKE THEIR SEAT! DAMNIT BILLY THAT MEANS YOU TOO!" Episode 9. NO COMMENT! NO COMMENT! NO COMMENT! And My favorite Freeman's Mind quote is... 1. "I HAVE TO BLOW EVERYTHING UP! IT'S THE ONLY WAY TO PROVE I'M NOT CRAZY!" Episode 29.
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