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  1. MR.Bigturkey

    The Freeman Chronicles

    At first I felt the same way,ive never liked the idea of advertising.However it is the only way I have to help these guys out,I think they could do this.
  2. MR.Bigturkey

    The Freeman Chronicles

    Have you ever wished upon a star,or thrown a penny in a well wishing for a day when Half-Life was more than just a game?Well dear reader you are not alone,as other to sat on this thought,pondering the great question of how.How to make it possible,how to bring our wants into reality.Bluring the lines of fiction of what we as gamers tend to get from such ''Game to Movies''.The guys at Indiegogo.com have proved their worth to most of us with thier short ENTER THE FREEMAN.I know Gabe and Abrams have spoke of chance of a movie,but Indiegogo.com guarantees it.They need help,our help to do this.Each time Ive played Half-Life I would always think to myself if I could help fund something like this I would.Thats why I will next pay cheak I get,for now I will spread the word.And If you are like me unable to fund such a thing,but still want to be apart of it,then help them by spreading the word across the internet that Freemans Coming.

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