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  1. I check this site every morning to see if there's any videos or updates; I don't do drugs (I promise, heh) but seeing something new is the most euphoric feeling ever.
  2. Once again, AMAZINGLY done! Every time I look to your page (I check everyday when I get home), It always puts a smile on my face when an unexpected new video is up!
  3. Really nice to hear from you! Don't listen to everyone; Take your time on the movie! DO WHAT YOU LOVE. (So cliche but true). Being a High School Junior right now, maybe I'll get to see it when I'm out of college! XD (This is legitimately the first time I have EVER used one of those - It felt appropriate.) Well, goodbye until your next update! Remember, there's more to life than cans of beans! PS. Will there be a follow-up video for NYET 3?
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