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  1. ColeTheKing

    The Thing

    Hey all, Now I'm pretty sure a good chunk of you guys have seen the original movie "The Thing", but it may be news to you that there is a game, basically a sequel to the movie, that I personally would love to see a full playthrough done of. After some searching however, I have yet to see a decent playthrough on youtube as of the current date, although it has been done, just not as good quality as it can be done in. So yeah, a decent playthrough with a good quality commentary. Thoughts? Also, here's the full length trailer for the game: ZUUmILXecvU
  2. ColeTheKing

    A Freeman's Mind Soundboard (request/suggestion)

    Nice progress, will have to figure out distribution/hosting though or else there's no point.
  3. ColeTheKing

    A Freeman's Mind Soundboard (request/suggestion)

    This might be a hosting site to check out. Unless someone wants to pay or has somewhere better to host the files, it doesn't look like to bad of a place to start.
  4. ColeTheKing

    A Freeman's Mind Soundboard (request/suggestion)

    Well then, the question lies with who can/would contribute to this and who can show me a way of doing it because I got no audio editing experience under my belt.
  5. ColeTheKing

    A Freeman's Mind Soundboard (request/suggestion)

    I like the idea of a collective place for it. Still, getting all the all the different phrases and sentences together would be daunting and very tedious to do.
  6. ColeTheKing

    A Freeman's Mind Soundboard (request/suggestion)

    I'll admit this task of making a soundboard looks a bit daunting now, but perhaps putting together ONE soundboard isn't the best idea. Maybe having multiple soundboards made by various people would be an idea worth trying? Could categorize them by say things like science stuff he says, puns, etc...
  7. ColeTheKing

    A Freeman's Mind Soundboard (request/suggestion)

    Well I wasn't thinking of adding every single thing Ross has said to a single soundboard, more of the 'golden moments' over the course of the videos sort of thing.
  8. Hello fellow enthusiasts of the innards of Freeman's exquisite mind! This is my first post here on the forums, and its more of a request than anything (hope that's alright). I saw it mentioned a few times in a search I did of the forums before I posted, but I think it would be great if a Freeman's Mind soundboard were to be created, showcasing the best of what's gone through Freeman's mind in the series so far. I understand it would be a challenge to grab all the separate audio files from all the different videos, cut them down, and then upload them all here (or somewhere else), which is why I think it would be a community effort to get it all into one collection. I wouldn't mind helping out in that regard. So with all that, would anybody be willing to put this together? P.S: This being my first post on this forum, kindly inform me of anything I may have done incorrectly, and i'll be more aware of that next time. Thanks!

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