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  1. II9wEpcr890 NPAA Episode 7. Short one this week, but next week will be longer than usual to balance it out. Worked with the rhythm of the game.
  2. Huh! Neat. There's a Fabricland near me, I might pick up a few sheets on the weekend. Thanks for the tip!
  3. I enjoyed it! Props to the voice actor. He sounds a little bit like Jim Carrey, and does a good job building a likeable character--the snappiness in his voice is just enough to make him seem quick-witted while still being easy to listen to. I wasn't quite sold on the shouting portions, though; the guy sounded like he wanted to keep his voice down and I feel like this forced him to break character a couple times. If that was to protect the mike, I'd recommend watching the audio waveform while he records (if you guys don't already) and doing the "lean back" trick when its time to shout. If the problem is not bothering the neighbors, you might build a cheap recording booth where he can cut loose and really Fus-Ro-Da those lines. . You might even be able to get by with just a PVC pipe frame and soundproofing curtains (I would layer them with moving blankets and line the inside with mattress foam toppers, personally. Don't forget a ceiling!) The character control was great, especially when the guy is deciding whether or not to leave his cell. Having that sense of body language really added to the voice acting. I felt like some sound effects might have helped in the very beginning when he's ramming into the padded wall, and you'd be surprised what you can pull off just by recording household materials and messing with equalizer settings. Other than that, Episode 2 looked like it had a couple of framerate drops and in general, it seems just the tiniest bit too dark--but that may just be my personal tastes, I'm a high-gamma kind of guy. But all the same, I really enjoyed it! I'll be watching for new episodes. Thanks for all the feedback! It's always amazing to get such through responses to these videos. I'm the VA, BTW. I never thought of myself as a Carrey, but hell, I'll take it! Yeah, volume is always an issue with a home set-up, especially in a residential area. I'll definitely look into those set-ups you mentioned, I actually spent a good amount of time hunting for DIY recording tricks, but the internet tends to be a jumble about it. Anyway! As to, essentially, all your other points, check out Episode 6 (also known as two years and three computers later)! No more super dark, no more framerate drops, no more poor quality! It's the standard we'll be working with from now on. Tell me what you think! NINJA EDIT: Also, episode six features some our first sound effects. Community response dictates we'll be using more of them (but, y'know, not so many that it becomes obnoxious).
  4. Hey everyone. About two years ago, when my friends and I first watched Freeman's Mind, we were inspired to make our own rendition (inspired, that is, by the fact I never stop talking to myself when I play games anyway). We produced five episodes, but never uploaded them. That changed about a month ago, when I decided to pick the series back up! Since then I've made two or three more, with MUCH improved video quality. So, I'm coming straight to the source now. What do you think, you corrupted agriculturalists? No Problem at All, Episodes 1-5! Episode 6, coming tomorrow! orAeBBhTaQo zpXfFvSZLGg lVpf-n4HefI xuMp6PDZAZM yL4c_abwqno
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