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  1. That normally comes with HLS, I've tried enabling and disabling, of course that wont work though, Ive done almost everything and it's still the same ol broken HLS.
  2. Bump. I really would like a fixed HLS :l
  3. Funny thing is, I have both, it's just on the source engine some things look nicer. Thanks for at least giving me an idea
  4. Nope, still didn't work
  5. Great I did the disable steamcloud and delete the cfg folder, now I have no levels. EDIT: I'm re-installing the game if that's also part of the step. DOUBLE EDIT: So I reinstalled it and I still have nasty eye burning chrome problems.
  6. I tried both things and it still did not work.
  7. I have SDK 2006, dunno about 2007,etc.
  8. Wish me luck EDIT: Didnt work
  9. Did you get yours off of steam? because I did and it has a ton of broken stuff in it, I brought it in like 2013 or so. Only to find that I wasted my money on something broken.
  10. Im just listing the problems. I'm on a windows 7, but I see some windows 8 users also getting this.
  11. Okay, so if you played Half life source recently, the chrome is all broken on the crowbar and stuff, if you turned on the HD pack, sounds would be missing, scientists rapidly scream when you only hit them once. It looks like he's playing the HLS before the steam pipe update that ruined it.
  12. Basically this is a simple little nice thread to say what mods for CLASSIC (Half life 1,DOOM,Quake,etc.) game mods you want to play or already playing it and enjoying it so much you could die and wait 5 second respawn. Rules: Explain what the mod is about Don't judge what other people are playing, we're here to enjoy these mods, not get bashed for enjoying them! /Threadstart Brutal doom.
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