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  1. As an (semi) involved person in this problem and at the risk of flaming this thread much more I would like to thank BTGBullseye and Doom Shepherd for their involvement in this thread (even if not pro israel), and keeping this from completely derailing to an Anti-isreal thread like many seem to be. I can legitimately say they are the only 2 who have the slightest idea of what they're talking about among this ridiculously misinformed thread, but I wont get too ahead of myself as I know very little (but still more than some of the people here) about this issue myself. I will however point out how flawed your attempts are to "help" the people of gaza by massive protest without any knowledge of the subject, If this problem wasn't so largely covered by media and talked about it would be over in any number of occasions. but people fell right to hamas's trap and blow it up way more than it needed to be and thus unintentionally giving hamas power and a reason to keep fighting and causing more deaths which leads to more uproar and continuing this cycle again and again. If people really want to stop this war all they need to do is to condemn the missiles that were and are being shot to israel. (sorry for any spelling or grammar errors, i'm not a native english speaker)
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