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  1. Hello, Its been a while but please find attached my subtitles for the TSW episode Question for Ross: You complained a lot about combat that is slow paced and a burden in the game, here's my question: Did you really think you can kill Cthulhu with guns or Hell with a hammer and expect it to be quick and easy ? ross_s_game_dungeon_the_secret_world_fr.srt
  2. Hello everyone, It's been a while but I am happy to give the final part of the french subtitles of Arcade America! ross_s_game_dungeon_arcade_america_pt3_fr.srt
  3. Hello, after a long break I can give you the part 2 of Arcade America Enjoy, and if there is any error or something you don't approve, please contact me. Mamajumbo ross_s_game_dungeon_arcade_america_pt2_fr.srt
  4. Hey there, as an added bonus for the same day. I present you my french subtitles for the famous april fool's episode. FUCK YEAH! doom_guy_s_mind_episode_7_fr.srt
  5. Hello I hope you haven't forgotten about me, I brought some new subtitles to add to the collection of french subtitles best regards to all the accursed farmers. ross_s_game_dungeon_arcade_america_pt1_fr.srt
  6. Hey, please find attached, after a long time, my second part of the translation of Revenant. However my first translation (part 1) is still not showing up on youtube because everyone from the french community suddenly disappeared. I don't know if anyone outside can authorise my translations? IF you do that'd be nice to not let my work go to waste. ross_s_game_dungeon_revenant_pt2_fr.srt
  7. How long does it take for subtitles to be validated?
  8. Thank your for your observations. Yes indeed it should be lowercase in 54 55, probably a mistake done when I was half asleep on my keyboard. For the lenghts of soms sentences I have no answers I'm sure I checked if it looked like the english subtitles. I am very happy however to see you can read french letters: éėê, I tried once to download a freemans mind french subtitle to have an idea of what it looks like and these éėê were replaced with an odd compositions of symbols. This happened to me in a lot of recent games like skyrim, where some books couldn't handle these accents. Anyway, Ill take a look soon and correct before it gets uploaded on the video.
  9. Please find attached the subtitles for Ross's game Dungeon Revenant part 1. Don't know if ill have the courage to cover part 2 though. Edit: 02.03.2015. And now with the corrections. Please do tell me if you find other mistakes, I found a lot of other errors and odd sentences. ross_s_game_dungeon_revenant_pt1_fr.srt
  10. Thank you so much for your time! The biggest pain in the ass is now gone. Now should I put you as an editor while I am just translating what I found in the compendium?
  11. Hi, I volunteer to make at least Revenant part 1 but I need some help with the subtitle workshop. Right now I am banging rocks together. By that I mean I load the video on youtube, watch it and pause every time a new subtitle can be inserted. I estimate the time it would take between captions and then write what I can translate. Am I doing it right? Or is there something I can do in my technique to be more efficient?
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