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  1. Now, I know what you are all thinking. "Look at this one-post noob coming in here and advertising his content, kick his ass Ross." But seriously guys, I come from a good angle. (Also, I basically grew up on Ross Scott, the guy was my fricking Childhood Idle and he inspired me to be creative and inspire to be a machinima-er) So, although currently I am not the best script writer and believe me I am attempting to improve upon myself, I am currently attempting to recreate the genius of 'Freemans Mind' but within a more modern game called 'Metro: 2033'. Metro: 2033 was previously a book that was later on developed into a well-adapted survival-horror game, then followed Metro: Last Light which too a more 'Action-Adventure' turn, but still held alot of its previous 'Survival-horror' elements, but adapted them to be more cinematic, then they Reduxed it, basically screwing up Metro: 2033 and making it into Last-Light with less of the former and more of the latter. Anyway, in the game 'Artyom' (The main character) is dead-silent, even though people react to him as if he is talking and he also speaks on loading screens (Even though the voice actor is completely lackluster, in my opinion). I love the lore, and the Metro series in general and have always wanted to make a sort of adaption to Ross's work on Freeman's Mind and was hoping that this series would be the one that give me the chance to push myself out there. Currently, I have a testing video which gave the general feeling of how I would speak as the character and how he could react to the world around him, as you guys are probably the best people to ask, I was wondering if you could tell me how I could improve and what I should do for the first episode or whether the series should be mainly comedic or serious. I will happily take ever piece of criticism and review it, being a smaller YouTuber gives me the chance to be able to easily reply to everyone. (Subscribing and watching my other videos would not hurt either) Anyway, without further a-do here is my video! (And, Ross if you see this I love you, x) 3kfc5BYguM4
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