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  1. I did too. If you read this before starting, just hold out at the beginning. It's really grueling to start, but it gets better.
  2. I recently purchased MGS V: PP after overriding my deep ingrained reflex to avoid sixty dollar games, and honestly I'm not disappointed. Of all the sixty dollar games, I think this one is probably one of the FEW actually worth the money. I've been playing for over three days now and I'm still only around 30% done with the main story, not including all the neat side missions I can do. For those who have played it, what are your thoughts? Does it stick well with the main story of Metal Gear? This is my very first Metal Gear game, and honestly it's an incredible experience. If this isn't the best one, I'm totally hyped to see what the others have in store. Try to keep spoilers marked please, I still haven't finished and I'm sure some others haven't either. Thanks.
  3. cfitz22

    A Question About RAM

    So as of late, I've been very interested in computer hardware. I've always thought the subject was interesting, but it was just last month that I realized how interesting the specific workings of computers were. I took a particular interest in RAM, and found a lot of comparison between RAM and arrays in programming, where information is stored in an address and retrieved using the same address. This was interesting, but I'm a bit confused. How does the computer know which address to select for the right values when called? How does it store the addresses if they're stored at all, and where? Is my view on this TOTALLY wrong and misinformed? Feel free to educate me, my mind is impressionable and willing to accept new information. Thanks

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