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  1. Робота в мене в цілому нудна і спокійна, є час.
  2. Title - Ігрове Підземелля Росса: Eternam Description - Росс з головою занурюється у цей мутантний гібрид квесту. Завантажуте повну гру безкоштовно за посиланням! http://www.abandonia.com/en/games/161/Eternam.html Посібник для гри: Іспанська мова: http://www.aventuraycia.com/v3/insider/documentos/253/manual_de_eternam.zip Французька: http://www.abandonware-france.org/ltf_abandon/ltf_telechargement.php?idtele=3591&type=manuel Англійський переклад за авторством Atermis Herdmann: http://www.mediafire.com/download/73xta9li9b2aoem/Eternam+EN+(Page+5+-+14).rtf Англійський переклад за авторством Frei Milik: http://accursedfarms.com/downloads/ETERNAM-ANGRISH.zip ross_s_game_dungeon_eternam_ua.srt
  3. Title - Ігрове Підземелля Росса: CarnEvil Description - Росс святкує Геловін з виключною жорстокістю. ros_s_game_dungeon_carnevil_ua.srt
  4. Fixed another crude mistake. ros_s_game_dungeon_tyrian_ua_revised.srt
  5. Fixed the punctuation issues and one major mistake. Title - Ігрове Підземелля Росса - Tyrian Description - Вступний епізод Ігрового Підземелля Росса! У цьому випуску Росс огляне найстрілючішу стрілячку усіх часів - Tyrian! ros_s_game_dungeon_tyrian_ua_revised.srt
  6. Title - Ігрове Підземелля Росса - Nyet 3 Description - Другий епізод Ігрового Підземелля Росса! У цьому випуску Росс розбирає найстрашніший тетріс зі всіх, які були створені. ross_s_game_dungeon_nyet_III_ua_revised.srt
  7. Back from the dead! Sort of. And I see someone picked up the torch when I spit on my promise and disappeared altogether. roger_duncan_101, любий мій, ким би ти не був - відмінна робота. Ну і раз ти тепер задаєш моду, то треба їй слідкувати. Title - Ігрове підземелля Росса - Test Drive 3 Description - Третій епізод Ігрового підземелля Росса! В цьому випуску Росс затестує Test Drive 3 до дірок RGD3.srt
  8. I don't really want to argue with you on this matter because your last comment is very hyperbal. Yes, human life is invaluable and EVERYTHING must be done to preserve it. If a person has some mental problems they SHOULD be treated to help them get rid of their problems or, at least, supress them hard enough to not bother the person anymore. Anyone should be given an attempt to get better. Even the worst part of humanity that has disgraced and discredited us as a species. But if they can't or don't want to at all, then all you can do is to kill them or kill their "I" by forcing them to change, erasing their identity and creating a blank slate that can be "rewritten". And it is ALL you can do. You're a humanist, I get it. You'll try to defend anyone, you love every human on this planet and you beleive that everyone is equal and should be aided in any situation imaginable. But I'll tell you a little secret: right now, at this very moment this entire world is ruled by fear, greed, fraud, lust and NOONE who has any kind of power on this blue ball wants this to change. You know why?.. Because they like it. And this is not what I see or what it looks like. This is how the things are. And this scares the living sh*t out of me. And my "computer chair" is the only way I can express myself in any way to a different culture, because the situation in my country is so f*cked, that if I'll try to state any reasonable opinion or to call to anyone's humanity I will get eaten alive only because there are politicians that already do that and don't want any competition.
  9. You miss a very unpredictable factor. It's human nature. No treatment, mind blockade or any other methods will work. Nothing will be able to change a mindset of a rapist, pedophile, maniac or any other "person" with issues this bad. They are BORN this way and they just can't help it. But to take care of this problem we need either lock them up in the darkest, deepest pit there is or rid the world of them. I don't see any other alternative that will deal with their numbers more or as efficiently. And I'm not gonna EVER look at it in a different light unless I am shown a better solution and I personally beleive that it works. It's funny, but sometimes I wish it were the f*cking Dark Ages where any serious threat to your life and the lives of your family or anyone who you hold dear to you could be solved by a simple sound of an axe falling down on someones' neck. All that I just brought down on you is dark an unpleasant, yes, but regarding current situation in the entire friggin' world... I see no other option. Even if I tried hard to see. And don't mention revenge ever. Until you feel the hit of a loss to some of these "problems", you don't really have a right to speak about it.
  10. IF I ever met a rapist,I SWEAR TO GOD,i'll beat him up mercilessly,chop his dick and balls off and then kill him.Prison is NOT the solution. Yeah. It is not.
  11. Actually, I encountered one one of them when I was 14. He just sat on a bench in a barber shop beside me and started to ask me very creepy questions - have I ever got laid, do I find boys attractive, whether I want to get a drink with him and the worst - he started to touch my... you know. I was so confused and freaked out that the only thing I managed to do is to get up, walk outside and call my friend, who was nearby and tell him to get his ass here ASAP. Then he walked me all the way to my home. Now this was really scary. I didn't tell my parents anything, although I should. And I still remember his fast breath and sublte voice. Holy f*ck.
  12. But it exists. Trolling, stupidity, general stubborness or screwd-up mindset - it still exists and I simply don't like the fact that it is applied to this age. I didn't raise the question of "close relationship" to my GF back in a day solely on the fact that I was 15 and she was 13 and this discussion back there looked awkward, so we just resorted to kissing and touching(not in THIS way) each other. And we both were aware of the term "sex" and how it goes. Or maybe that's just the difference of mindsets between our nations. Dunno.
  13. Probably this topic will be removed because of the initial idea behind it, but it bothers me too much. Recently I visited a... webpage to watch some vids(figure it out). After browsing the comment section for lulz I came across an interesting(or disturbing) comment. Roughly it sounds like: i'm 13,m,bi,text me (so-and-so number). The creepy thing is that I found quite a few similar comments in other comment sections. And that scares me a great deal. Now, I have no illusions about teens and their "playtime", they do it anyway and that's basically normal, but isn't this exact type of it really f*cked up? And I'd like to avoid explaning the comment itself, It's not hard to understand.
  14. Here you go. As far as I know, there are no issues with the file but maybe I've overlooked something. ross_s_game_dungeon_nyet_III_ua.srt
  15. Well, if this form of timing is necessary, then I have no software to catch the exact frame change time. I'll cut it out and reupload it for good. Edit: Done and fixed minor issues. I'm afraid,that because of the time difference between us this will be the only kind of conversation we'll have. ros_s_game_dungeon_tyrian_ua_final.srt
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