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  1. Yeah, I think we've seen enough from this troll. Could one of the mods be so kind as to lock this thread? You're hurting my feelings mate, honestly. I probably just have not grown up from "edgy" phase, hence stupid ideas. Now i understand, that what im proposing is as retarded as idea of banning icelandic people from procreating with other people who aren't natively from iceland for "preservation of true/pure icelandic people" I'd delete this thread if there was such option.
  2. Why do you think im racist? I'm just not informed enough about genetics. Anyway, even I think im nitpicking and acting antic at this point. Yeah. Bet i got such weird ideas because I have final exams next month and im still procrastinating in weird ways. I just got fixated too much on fact that there are people who won't believe if you tell them humans are animals too. I just wanna be noticed by Senpai :'(
  3. But... The only difference between "races" of humans is genetic variety. Varying skin colour, for example. There is no change if an African(which is very vague) has a baby with a Russian. I'm assuming the issue here is English not being your native language. I guess what I"m talking about are racial differences.
  4. I have been called a racist by my teacher once, but i deny it. While i was reading about this subject i got confused about terms because English is not my native language and im not a biology expert. All i want to say is that we should preserve human "races" because it is the same train of thought used by people who talk about preserving endangered animals(again i get it- its not an entire species, just people with different physical traits). We can say the same about human races, we should preserve them.
  5. Hi guys, im new here but i already see there are only 2 pages of threads in this subforum. So if my thread won't progress because this subject isn't interesting i will delete this thread (if possible) I don't think there are superior or inferior human races. I just want to point out that we, humans are animals too. We should preserve our sub-species. If im correct only dogs and cattle is cross-breed by humans in mass quantities. There is literally nothing wrong with being against race mixing. According ti wikia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mongrel#Health Mongrels live longer and are helthier than purebreeds. This works against my opinion, but we can't compare dogs to humans. We get better health care and we are greater in numbers. So what is your opinion on crossbreeding humans
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