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  1. I am a deranged normal human being who hunts and has a cripplingly healthy addiction to calming, almost zen-like music that can put you in a trance. I tried finding that link you said you put in the description but the results were like a ghost towns sewer, once indeed a shit we gave, making equil of noble and knave, but now I see the shit has run dry, and that only makes me weep and cry. I need to listen to this in the forest and see what type of poetry I can write, how steady and still my gun can be, what meditative state it can put me in. You said it yourself Ross, it would be a sin to let good music die. Give me a melody so calm and I may be able to make history with my poetry, after all, that little four line poem took me 2-3 minutes to make without even trying. (And p.s. You can use that in a game dungeon video if you mention it was written by five hundred drunk men. (Just because it will be hallarious to see the comments section of your video on that one.))
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