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  1. I'm sure a lot of you probably haven't heard of Nihon Falcom, and I can't entirely blame you. Falcom is a small Japanese game company that's been around for over 30 years and have quite the legacy when it comes to games, basically pioneering the action-rpg genre with the original Ys. Originally they were primarily PC game developers with the occasional dip into consoles, but with PC gaming in Japan more or less completely dead by the mid-late 2000s, they've shifted development to solely consoles (though a few publishers are nice enough to make PC ports for a few of their later games). If there's one quality that's consistently superb throughout their history, it's their soundtrack composition. Unlike most game companies, Falcom doesn't attribute composition to individuals, but rather their in-house band, Falcom Sound Team JDK. I'd go into more detail, but this post is getting a bit lengthy, and I think the music can speak for itself. In sharing this music, I'm also hoping this helps some more people discover their games, since they need all the love they can get. _p56c2xo7xQ HvBla5NUlvk -8dxPoNvWqY
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