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  1. http://www.foxnews.com/world/2018/07/23/mass-shooting-in-toronto-9-shot-shooter-dead.html gun control work. and ironically less than a week after the jihadist knife attack, nothing to see here, ban guns, ban knives, baabaaabaaabaaa... i also love how his family is blaming mental health problems, yeah that's it.
  2. And i destroy all of your arguments with this video below :
  3. To kraken and username, as a gun owner whos live in a country where having a gun is rather a privilege than a right and where also thé laws every time that there a terrorist attack or a similar event, you two should be happy To live if im not mistaken in a country where this right is actually protected by the constitution and by a controversial but effective lobby that is the nra, but you will actually use your brain and do a little search you will ses that during her history the nra always supported some of the biggest gun control laws such as the 1934 nfa or the 1968 gca, the same thing can be more or less said about the united states... Again if you guys had some brains and do some research you'll see that there was always gun control in the united states throughout their history and even before the country was even founded in 1776, and again as we are speaking there are already more than 20k of guns laws in this country, what does make anyone think that one more will change a thing ? I dont care in general about your feelings but the level of double standard is high in these two libtard make me cringe the facts that one pretend To be mostly pro gun or love guns yet want gun control for beyond stupid reasons (username) and the others a eu de whos openly admited shooting and owning gun himself is beyond hypocritical and the only thing they are proving is that sometime it is also the gun owners themselve that can be their own worse enemy and thus giving credits To the anti gunner... Again as a gun owner myself i personnaly think that you two are an embarassment To the gun community, you all talk yet you wont go To any pro gun forum like ar15.com to discuss you concern, a lack of courage if you ask me... Oh and meanwhile in vermont one of the safest states in the us, home of constitutional carry and the which had some of the most permissive gun laws, has just throwed 240 years of freedom in the toilet by banning bump stock and magazine that hold more than 10 rounds... beautiful really this what happen when you have a democrat majority in both state houses and a rino gov that votes stupid and useless laws by emotions... Meanwhile in canada... http://www.thefirearmblog.com/blog/2018/03/21/canada-introduces-tighter-gun-legislation/ ...and my sincere sympathy for the norwegians guns owners... http://www.thefirearmblog.com/blog/2018/03/16/norwegian-hunters-lose-semi-automatic-rifles-scrap-sell/ When i see all of this, i wonder if it was worth it to win world war 2, because we didn't learn anything from it.
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