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  1. Episode 67. freeman_s_mind_episode_67.srt freeman_s_mind_episode_67.zip
  2. Scusate per l'attesa super-lunga, ma ho avuto dei problemi nella mia vita. Comunque, Episodio 66. -------------------- Sorry for the super-long wait, but I had some problems in my life. Anyway, Episode 66. freeman_s_mind_episode_66.srt freeman_s_mind_episode_66.zip
  3. Episode 65 freeman_s_mind_episode_65.zip freeman_s_mind_episode_65.srt
  4. Bene, ora che il forum è tornato online, posso caricare i sottotitoli per l'episodio 64. -------------------- Well, now that the forum is back online, I can upload the subtitles for episode 64. freeman_s_mind_episode_64.srt freeman_s_mind_episode_64.zip
  5. Episode 63 freeman_s_mind_episode_63.zip freeman_s_mind_episode_63.srt
  6. Episode 62 freeman_s_mind_episode_62.zip freeman_s_mind_episode_62.srt
  7. Episode 61.5 freeman_s_mind_episode_61.5.zip freeman_s_mind_episode_61.5.srt
  8. Episodio 61. freeman_s_mind_episode_61.srt freeman_s_mind_episode_61.zip
  9. Episodio 60. freeman_s_mind_episode_60.zip freeman_s_mind_episode_60.srt
  10. EPISODIO 59 freeman_s_mind_episode_59.zip freeman_s_mind_episode_59.srt
  11. Sono tornato! Scusate il ritardo, ma ho iniziatoun altro lavoro, quindi ho avuto un sacco di casini immensi. Comunque, ecco l'episodio 58. ------------------------ I'm back! Sorry for being late, but I began another job, so I had a lot of giant messes. Anyway, here's episode 58. freeman_s_mind_episode_58.srt freeman_s_mind_episode_58.zip
  12. Episodio 57. Ho dovuto correggere un piccolo errore alla fine. ------------------------ Episode 57. I had to correct a little mistake at the end. freeman_s_mind_episode_57.zip freeman_s_mind_episode_57.srt
  13. Episode 56. freeman_s_mind_episode_56.zip freeman_s_mind_episode_56.srt
  14. Episodio 55. freeman_s_mind_episode_55.zip freeman_s_mind_episode_55.srt
  15. Episode 54. freeman_s_mind_episode_54.srt freeman_s_mind_episode_54.zip
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