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  1. (LINK: with English subtitle) Hi everyone, I'm going to make a Mind series on Dark Souls because i think is a good candidate to have a fantastic series, but because I'm Italian i can not make it a good English localization. If you are interested to do voice acting for it please contact me with a PM Consider this: 1) I need someone with general experience with VA. 2) I will do all the editing stuff, you just have to got a good microphone. 3) My English and writing skill are not that good so because is easier to see flaw when something is completed feel free to suggest or change some scripts. 4) I will give you the video to upload on your channel. 5) anything else we will discuss on PM.
  2. Hi, this is my first post on this Forum, i knew from this channel from some Game Dungeon i found randomly on YT. Accursed Farms is one of my favourite channel and i wish to help a little, i know this is premature to ask because this movie can be out in 2019 or 2020 and maybe i should ask in livestream but i can never get when Ross is online. I would ask a few questions 1) What kinda deal could be right to do between AF and dubbed version of his video? 2) It will be possible to have a version without english dub? 3) How many italians fans Ross have?
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