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    New Lands OST

    Hey guys, I have been silently following this forum for a while now, as well as Accursed Farms in general (starting with FM back in '09 on Machinima!) and have decided to finally register here! Why? Well, I have development of a little game of mine for quite some time now, that of which heavily relies on the successful delivery of the music that is accompanying the situation. My request is that of asking you guys to take a look at some tracks I have posted online and giving me a flat out honest opinion. Do you see these being effective story tellers, or right proper tools for shifting the mood of a situation? Now, I realize it can be quite hard to tell if a piece of the puzzle fits, when the rest of the pieces were thrown away while wife was spring cleaning. In other words, I know it's hard to judge if a track fits a situation if you have no idea what situation it is supposed to fit. That's where I also ask that you tell me where you think it would be used as. This would also give me an indicator if I am heading in the right or wrong direction. Here is the link to what I have displayed publicly so far: Also, after noticing it being requested countless times across various videos, if you ever would dare to throw a challenge at me, such as converting a games brutal and beat down .midi file into something more flourished, or attempting to recreate a loved but "did not age so well..." track, I would love to take a crack at it! Anything to keep me busy and to add to my "resume", so to speak, is always awesome. Cheers fellas, let me know what you guys think/if you have any questions.
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