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  1. The PlayStation 2 series "Ratchet and Clank" series is known for its bombastic over the top weapons and its casual sense of humour. What it's not known for however is its variety as a sci-fi game; in spite of it being an early 2000's platformer, it has some of the best science fiction/fantasy environments that see you travelling between casino space stations, alien holiday resorts, sub orbital warehouses and giant publicly televised death match arenas. The series has more variety than the vast majority of science fiction games, And the soundtrack for it all reflects this. With hundreds of tracks across all four games (six if you include the psp titles as they used the same composer) that sound like nothing else out there, there are a lot of tracks To draw your interest here, far too many for me to summarise, especially when each individual game had its own style that made it sound completely different to all the others. You can find all these tracks in album form in notably good quality on a French fan site called ratchet galaxy: https://en.ratchet-galaxy.com/music.php Amazingly, despite predating wikias, this site is still quite active and hosts every soundtrack that wasn't publicly released (basically all the good ones) If you're a soundtrack freak, you'll be doing yourself a service by visiting it and downloading all of them
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