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  1. Hey! I know I'm like MONTHS LATE replying to this, apologies since I don't go on these forums much, but thanks for your support. The new episode is going to take a while and I've explained the complications in a new pinned comment of my Sora's Mind Update video. Hopefully you'll stick around to see what I've got ready for Episode 9 when it's uploaded, once again, thanks for enjoying! It feels really rewarding when somebody expresses their positivity towards the series.
  2. I'm promoting my mind series that I've been making for a month now called "Sora's Mind" to this forum. The series follows Kim W. Sora, a 27 yr. old apathetic bio technician that attempts to survive the Black Mesa incident while still alive. This series was inspired by Freeman's Mind, Shephard's Mind, Barney's Mind, and other great mind series I've watched out there. BTW, I did not make this series to rip off Ross, or to get famous. I only make this for the fun of it, and if you like it, that's fine. FIRST EPISODE: LATEST EPISODE:
  3. Ok, so I'm in the process of making episode 1 of my mind series, but I've noticed that all the other times I've been trying to make the series, it's taken usually an hour or two to make. With this reboot, I'm going to try and make the production last up to 2 weeks or more. But, I'm a little bit confused on what to do first. Now, I've had one recording that I planned to be the real episode footage, but I don't like it and now I'm going to record a new one. And I'm going to start writing a script, but I don't know what all to do first. Can any "Mind" creator help me on this?
  4. Sora's Mind follows the thoughts of 24 year old research accosiate Kyle Sora. A cocky man who wears one of the biohazard clean suits found in Opposing Force. The mod takes place in the mod Half-Life: Residual Life. A mod where you play as a clean suit scientist called Kim Sora. But, since my character is dude, I changed the first name Kyle. Being a fan of the mind genre, I wanted to make one of my own. However, I didn't know how to edit or record. So, I just stuck to always playing Half-Life games by myself, and speaking my own commentary. After a while, I came back to the mind genre, and decided to finally make a series. But, the first series I made was called Toddman's Mind. But then deleted it after seeing how all the lines of dialogue were taken from Freeman's Mind. So, I decided to remake it with my own lines which is now. So, now that you know that this exists. Here's a link to watch the first episode and the latest episode. First Episode: Watch all of the episodes here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLjY5j89pZkceRIEt6h33InovFLzpGjhgO Thanks for reading, and enjoy the rest of the series!
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