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  1. After doing the GAAS is Fraud one, I don't think anything could come close to how painful that was. I'd be willing to take this one up if ScumCoder has no objections, since he volunteered first. I'd be willing to take up the DGN series too since I'll have some free time for quite a while.
  2. EA Announces New Revenue Model Just Deleting Everyone’s ‘Anthem’ Characters Unless They Send Company $300 In Next Hour Though this article is satire, it almost feels like something not even too far outside the norm in a more dystopian future as far as consumer rights go for games. In either case I still found it funny even though it unfortunately had to remind me of the whole GAAS garbage.
  3. I think I overdosed on Ross doing this, but I was able to detox with some Ross so we're good. Special thanks to danielsangeo for his assistance! GAASfinal.srt
  4. I almost felt a twinge of sadness when Ross had to explain that games used to come with some sort of multiplayer component for you to host yourself. That used to be a given and something always expected and that was just part of gaming (for games that it made sense for obviously). Almost kind of sad actually facing the reality that that's starting to become lost from common knowledge of gamers.
  5. 50% off. Does anyone have change for a dollar?
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