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  1. The first two games are probably the scariest gaming experience I've ever had. Black plague is the only game ever that literally made me jump (Amnesia never did it to me). Requiem crashes all the time, so i Can't speak about that.
  2. Space rangers 2 is one of my qll time favorite. A war apart is basically a hd remake, but i found it even buggier and more out of balance. Srill, highly recommended.
  3. I "played" the original version a long time ago. The story was incomprehensible with horrible english translation, but the gameplay was the worst. Ever tried to explore an Rpg world where EVERYTHING is turn based? you just want to go to the damn shop. You take about 10 steps, random surrounding people do the same, one by one, now it's your turn again. That's 10 steps closer to the shop... whoever came up with this is insane
  4. There really isn't a more in depth and tactical way of combat than turn based unfortunately. A couple you might want to try, maybe you'll get the hang of it (or not, still interesting ones): Gateway to the Savage frontier - a later Goldobox game. The reason I recommend this is because the fixed up the interface a little, and you don't need to play earlier titles to enjoy this one. Use the Goldbox companion to aid you. Wizardry 8 - the LAST wizardry game. Super-imtimidating looking and complex, yet not that hard to get into. Yes, the fights get rather repetitive and drown out, but still, there's a fantastic tun-based engine in there. Knights of the chalice - similar combat interface as to those in the GoldBox games, but improved to the max. It's incredibly deep, yet super fun. Shadowrun games - super simplified tun based combat. the games are very story-centric though, and well written. Some other great RPG games with turn based combat: Divinity: Original Sin Space Rangers Gorky 17 Paper Sorcerer Play the second one, Drakensang: The River of Time It's like the first one, but about a hundred times better in every aspect. It's still a flawed game, but it has a huge heart. The visuals are even more cartoony and charming, and the story is much more intimate and relatable. The whole thing is "generic" in the most self aware and heartfelt way.
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