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  1. Not For Broadcast is a propaganda simulator that lets you work in a cool editing station as the main gameplay element and has neat dynamic music/sounds that change depending on the choices the player makes in certain situations. All the live broadcasts you edited are put on an old VCR and re-watching them can be a bit slow because there's no fast forward function yet but watching your mistakes unfold is fun. This is an Early Access Game with only 3 playable chapters that will have a total of 10 once the game is finished.
  2. Until I Have You is a buggy platformer with excellent pixel art that is dragged down by its awful checkpoint sound effect and boring boss fights. The main character, who is not cool himself, has a nice apartment. Checkpoint sound effect: Checkpoint.ogg
  3. Xeodrifter is a great metroidvania platformer with fun mechanics and shooting. The problems in this game are small like needing to throttle the game speed down (which is a menu option) if your FPS/hz is over 60 and using the Solar Flare ability requires you to continuously enable/disable it in the menu which kills the flow of the game a bit. BUILDS DAMAGE WAVE SPREAD
  4. Heart&Slash is a Mega Man Legends styled rogue-like where the objective is to defeat the evil QuAsSy supercomputer all while destroying his robot minions along the way. It has a slow tutorial, awkward weapon switching (especially for air combos), damage types that just seem to slow the overall game down and has this as a tip in the loading screen.
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