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  1. Oh ok lol. From the way you wrote that I though you just spent a lot of time on fimfiction and happened across her.
  2. CrossCode (Radical Fish Games, 2018) 1. Best Portrayal of a French Person: A lot of times it's a bad thing to have a character that's a blatant stereotype of a certain people. But, you know what? I think that we can all agree that if games started having more blatantly obvious french people in them, that it would be a boon to humanity. 2. Spin to Win: There is a severe underrepresentation of characters in games that can spin. Besides this game, Street Fighter, and Crash Bandicoot are there really even that many games where you spin? 3. Cucked by an AI Recreation of yourself: Happens every time.
  3. Unfortunately we'll never know for sure as there isn't much technical information about the game available. The best I've found on the website is this quote about universe generation. I've attached the image it's referencing.
  4. You remember that weird game with the funky-looking triangle fuckers Ross reviewed? You probably didn't think much of it at the time, and neither did I, but Boppin' is just the tip of a MASSIVE FUCKING iceberg. Jennifer Diane Reitz is the name of one of the developers of Boppin'. She's been making things for a long ass time and is still active to this day, albeit in the form of writing My Little Pony fan fiction. Anyways, she's made some pretty neat webcomics and stuff but the thing that you guys would probably find most interesting is her failed game "Multiverse". As the thread title implies, Multiverse was the aborted brain-child of Jennifer. It was essentially No Man's Sky on the Amiga. It featured multiple near infinte randomly generated universes for the player to explore. There were multitudes of unique alien planets, capital ships, and even spaceship battles. The game was light years ahead of its time and, had it been released, it would have, no doubt, changed the face of gaming forever. Unfortunately, it simply wasn't mean't to be. When Activision, who had been backing it up until this point, pulled out and the game never got finished. You can read more about it on Jennifer's website. It's probably the coolest thing I've seen in a long time. Also I initially learned about this through this(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rOn-gSTsD7k) video. It's an informal lecture about all of Jennifer's work over the years. It gets pretty heady and I reccomend it highly if you're into crazy theoretical scifi concepts.
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