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  1. Remember in your games as a service episode where game companies are creating online only games and taking away the consumer's rights away? Well it seems that games are not the only product affected by this mentality but pretty much anything in any industry as well because all companies want to keep a monopoly on their product and/or anything else regarding that product......I think this will less of a fight but instead more of a world war for consumer rights. Here's the video that both made me realize this and inspired me to make this post https://youtu.be/AuPcC9hpMOc Not you're probably wondering why I made this post and that's because of two things: 1. to maybe bring this to Ross's attention although I'm pretty sure that's kind of unnecessary and they probably already knows this and 2. To create a sore place where people can further discuss this topic although I'm pretty sure there's probably another post where people can do that already That'll be all, have a nice day ross anf good luck on both those videos as well as your future in general, and thanks to anyone else who came and stoped by to read this post have a good day
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