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  1. Damn, you are a hard nut to crack @RaTcHeT302. Anyways, I have not thought about Raving Rabbids in a long time, was a pretty fun game. Also, that track sounds similar to something that would be in Ratchet & Clank 3, albeit a bit "looser". Imma just leave here with the first level music of Silver Surfer for the NES by Tim Follin.
  2. Gahaha, yea if you like to blare music I can see that being awkward, I do not have the balls to do that myself. I am guessing you are familiar with the Sonic adventure series soundtrack that has tracks like this. Lyrics are also something I personally have issues with a lot of the time, I would find that many times I would just rather listen to the instrumental version. Early 2000s rock is something that is an exception, which judging by the songs you posted, is a shared sentiment. But besides that, I typically do not mind it in games if it is placed at the right place. A lesser known game that has many tracks like this is Steel Lancer Arena International (S.L.A.I.) for the Playstation 2. It is a mech fighting game with a diverse soundtrack, but many early-mid 2000s rock songs are included. There really are no full OST uploads, because I think some songs are taken down from claims, but there are playlists. There is a lot of vocals, but they are similar to the ones you posted, so I hope that is fine. Here is the Playlist. If you copy the video url it should lead you to the Youtube playlist: It is all organized by each artist, so if there is an Aritst you dislike right away, you can skip all the songs that are by them. Crazy Taxi is also a short OST that is in the vein of hard high octane rock(Also a playlist link): The song that is most associated with Crazy Taxi is "All I Want" by The Offspring: Hypnospace Outlaw also has a diverse OST that encompasses almost all genres of music. It is about four and a half hours long, so there has to be something for everyone in there. The game revolves around being a moderator for a VR OS system and web browser(Also it is not itself a VR game). So people all have their own pages with their picked out page theme songs. Most of the songs are parody or inspired from late 90s and early 2000s music. In the game Fre3zer encompasses a few genres within the three tracks they have on there, I would primarily describe their genre as happy hardcore. Seepage, a Linkin Park parody: Full OST as of it's latest update: I also recommend the not so well known genre of Math Rock. It is primarily instrumental from what I found, and if done right the guitar basically does two jobs in one(guitar and vocals). The channel I linked from is my favorite source to listen from, at least so far of what I found. I hope there is something worthwhile there, sorry if your time was wasted.
  3. Saw you from the Hylics post, if you like upbeat jazzy stuff, if you have not checked out the Persona 5 soundtrack, I highly recommend it. I am not totally sure what your tastes are based on those songs, if it is dancy hype stuff only, there are some great tracks on Hotline Miami that scratch that itch. Although most of the soundtrack is honestly atmospheric, so I can not recommend the whole soundtrack. If you like upbeat stuff, Katamari Damacy has tons of it. If that kind of music your thing, then I would probably recommend Katamari the most.(but the best track imo is with vocals) It seems you like instrumentals, so Ill just post those for samples for what I am talking about, besides Katamari: Persona 5: Hotline Miami: Katamari Damacy(w/ vocals): If you want to specify more genres you like I might be able to help. For reference, my taste is pretty broad, from tracks on the Ys I & II on the PC 88 to Kraftwerk. So no judgement here.
  4. @RaTcHeT302 There is one track in Hylics I think has a wide appeal, it is somewhere in the middle of the OST but it is pretty funky. It is called Xeno Arcadia, you should give it at least a listen: (Edit): If you do not like it right It is somewhat of an evolving track, it becomes more of a traditional piece comapred to the rest of the OST
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