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  1. So there's no one place to get some maps to use like Ross does?
  2. How do you run a map in demo and where do you get game maps?
  3. I've been watching Ross's videos for years now and I've had question for a while and tried to look it up but I don't think I even know how to google it to get the right results. My question is what are the video backgrounds he has playing behind him when he's talking in person on a video for example his planet side 2 tutorial video he has planet side 2 video playing. is that just a video playing behind him? I find that hard to imagine as this is planet side you'd be shot in minutes just standing there right? I ask because I've seen similar background for fan made videos for Dying Light and it showed the zombies just walking around but right next to the camera so if it was just video recording that close the zombie would be attacking correct? I've seen this for other games as well from Skyrim and others well. is something like no clipping turning off mob agro and just finding a nice spot? I ask because I'd like to record some environment shots from games as well but I don't know how without enemies mobbing my character while recording. I'd really like to get some Dying Light environment videos watching as the day zombies mil around and then the nightcrawlers come out and that's just Dying Light there are many other games I'd like to record as well but haven't the know how. I especially like the Ross's Fun-Filled Beg-A-Thon background of planets spinning in the background and ships flying across spaces that's awesome how do I get that is there a download site? Please help. Some other example videos he used this in were: New Channels Announcement, Ross Rants: Virtual Reality Launch, Ross Rants: VR Follow-Up, and Ross's Fun-Filled Beg-A-Thon.
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