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  1. A Beackrooms set i'w made for one game team! Nasty place you knew. :)
  2. Well, as i sayd before, i don't really care, what you think about me and or what i do. But if you want to apologise, that's prety nice.
  3. And some props. ;q Wow, i just feel, how my skills is growing up! :)) I do nnot put it in to realtime render in Scetchfab yet, but, if that wuld be requested i will do that.
  4. My next model. Mmm, shiny. :))
  5. Well, I don't know much about that either. I only know what is written in wikipedia about it. I could order somewhere to make such coins using my 3D model, but I don't have money for that. And, to be honest, I'm not very interested in that right now. I'm better be focusing on modelling stuff. :)
  6. Whatever, I do what i like to do. Piece off, sily kid.
  7. That token a create for Ross. :) Hope hi will like that one. :p
  8. Are you serious? Well, if you really are, then you can talk to me about this in discord or mailed me, so we don't breake eny rules of this site. :q My Discord: Sparrow#2809 And mail: [email protected]
  9. And, ofcource, thouse one. :)) Freemans coin. p.p. it's one coin with different sides. https://sketchfab.com/3d-models/freeman-coin-5b8b10ee6b494038b9fc3c708cb2e513
  10. My next work. Cat coin. https://sketchfab.com/3d-models/cat-coin-2fd3cd5860704bbd9eb4be3c3935cd01
  11. Thanks! Nop, that is my first rifle. :)
  12. I create that rifle when i sew farher Grigori "Annabelle". Just like modeling sometime, when I have free time from work in the store.. :p https://sketchfab.com/3d-models/annabelle-9d1054bfeed1492bbff19bcbcbe98fb6 I wuld like to see your suggests of next prop from hl univerce you wont to see here.
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