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  1. Dawn of Magic 1 however is pretty decent, its much more easier then 2. Because 2 is an expansion, you should not play it with fresh character. Only problem is finding means to play it - since it cannot be bought digitally. Im lucky to posses a functioning dvd, you might have to pirate it. I strongly do not recommend buying Dawn of Magic 2. I dont know why they dont sell original campaign.
  2. Yeah, im not gonna play Dawn of Magic 2. This game is unbeatable shit. After first boss every single mob will have homing ranged attacks, can summon minions, tanky and with serious damage. No thanks. I was told this are the end game enemies from first game. And you encounter them in the first act, after beating first boss.
  3. After first boss in Dawn of Magic 2, there will be very big difficulty spike. Prepare for pain. Burning through potions faster then i can find them. Buying them is too expensive.
  4. Played it for a bit. Love that characters has their own little backstory quests in the beginning. Gameplay seems decent enough. I recommend choosing a single magic school and focusing mostly on it - for both fashion and gameplay reasons.
  5. Also known as Blood Magic. Obscure russian diablo clone from 2007, almost forgotten pretty much everywhere. Can be bought on steam, has mixed reviews. Gimmick of this game is, you guessed it, magic. This game has a lot of magic. And by a lot i mean A LOT. MAGIC MAGIC MAGIC. Magic is the main way of doing anything in this game. A dozen or os of magical schools each with multiple spells. This spells cab be combined to create custom spell combos, which propells amount of magic you can have into ludicrious amount. Another gimmick of this game is that your character model will mutate when you learn magic. Each spell from each school will mutate specific body part that you have. Furthermore, each mutation will provide some sort of stat boost. While cool on paper - your character will most likely end up looking like an abomination if you try combining different spell schools - which is the optimal way to play this game. Might be a shit game, did not played it in decade but i have mostly fond memories of it. Also you can play as a fat old lady. Name a game where you can do that!
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