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Helping people with Skyrim

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Helping people with Skyrim

I have been to a number of gaming sites where people seem to be having alot of trouble with quests and such. Seeing as I have beaten the main quest line and basically all of the guilds, Thieves, Nightingales, Companions, and College of Winterhold, I figure that I can help some of you out if you need it.

Help with main quest completion? I got you covered

Secret weapon locations? I got most of them

Daedric shrines? I have a few

Dragon beating strategies? I have killed many

so go ahead and ask guys

This is the end of the line, and I'll rip you apart for what's inside.

Compensating wealth for what's more and more worthlessness.

The end of fear, the end of your life, I'll kill you right now, fucking die.

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