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  1. um I'm on my phone and I think I did it right by putting it in the spoiler thingy...... if not I apologize
  2. I like the... uhm... angle you went with. The angle huh...xD and nope not cold where I took the picture
  3. Mine was on the 4th of this month. lol
  4. ERB- Albert Einstein+Stephen Hawking
  5. A few pics of me throughout my departure I look a bit different xD
  6. We have that in common o.O and what do you mean just a random picture taken in front of the mirror? D:<
  7. Just having a nice smoke from the pipe.
  8. Yeah, great right? Beat it yet? I'm on play through 7 haha
  9. Beat it yesterday, took about 29 hours. Spent all of today doing side quests for my true vault hunter play through. I'm pleased to say that this one actually had an ending worth getting to...so yay. -Kaenyn
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