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Black Mesa Stamp

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I think this is the right forum for this.


Does anyone know of a place/website where one can get custom designs put on a rubber stamp? I'd like to get this made:


[attachment=0]Black Mesa Stamp small.jpg[/attachment]

I think I'm going to put this on random assignments I turn in and see if it gets any reaction. Plus it would just be cool to have.


I got the inspiration for it when a wrote my chemistry teacher a note during teacher appreciation week last year. At the bottom of the paper, I drew the Black Mesa logo and wrote, "If you know what this is, you win so much." During a fire drill about a week and a half later I was walking back to class and he came up next to me and whispered "Black Mesa" and proceeded to continue walking. He was already an excellent teacher, but that made him one of my all time favorites. He is now Assistant Principal.

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I got a stamp made a while ago from Vista Print(my mom used to work there so it was free, woo). http://www.vistaprint.com/


I've looked through it and making a stamp with that picture would cost about 13$(shipping not included)


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