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"The Scientist's Truth" my original SF story

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So, (a piece of )1st part of my original SF story. Enjoy and comment (only not too strictly ;) )


I've created most of the characters and their world looooong before I ever played HL.


WARNING:All Rights Reseved. I'm the only author of this story. You can only read this story here at the forum or at the websites linked to it :P



The scientist remained quiet, just because he was not totally sure about the android's emotions lately… He kinda lurked behind the entrance to the main hall, as if helped anyhow to hide himself. He knew the android was aware of everyone around, in at least 30 meters radius, so…


"That's nonsense!" He thought. It's my android! If I'm afraid, then what the rest of the people will do? Probably just freak out and run away screaming…" He took a sharp breath and rolled his eyes. And shook his arms.


He started approaching Ronny as slowly as he could, without seeming too suspicious. The figure in front of him was still not moving, totally unnaturally, like it was a stone statue. Yeah, you could know that he was not a human. The scientist focused his eyesight, apparently his eyes tried running away from the creepy look.


"I knew you will come here, Jonathan." Said Ronny in such a soothing voice, that Jonathan felt goose bumps on his back. The still man appeared not to be the owner of the voice. But the only human in this room knew it was just an illusion. Illusion that he worked on himself.


"What are you up to this time, Ronny?" You had to be straight forward with them. Ronny understood metaphors but Jonathan felt like times is ticking away.


"I? Doctor, I'm not up to anything… Except what I've carefully planned."


Jonathan cleared his throat. Freakin logical games again… He sometimes regretted that he made the android too intelligent. Or just too… weird?


"Give me a break, Ronny! Can you turn around?!"


"Yeah, I know Jonathan, that the whole building is ready for evacuation… again."


"Yeah, again… It's a miracle we still have permission to actually work in here." Said Jonathan with irritation and regret in his voice. He fixed his glasses and turned on one of the sensors mounted into them, but the display just got fuzzy and tuned off. "Dammit!"


"Not many people can face the truth, doctor." Said Ronny pretty much, as if he was talking to himself this time. The scientist felt even stronger goose bumps and stepped back, just in case…




The whole chapter and the link to the next part here : http://mag889.deviantart.com/gallery/#/d4wzx00 ;p omg it's my Deviantart profile....

Ross's girlfriend (IRL) Twitter: @AmazingMagda follow me! ^^to somewhere! ^^

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