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Sir Templeton Trots (Youtube series)

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I've made a few episodes of a series I call "Sir Trots".

It's made using skyrim as a base, but it's not a walkthrough, playthrough or anything like that. Rather it's an episodic thing centered on a weird ass megalomanic personality called Sir Templeton Trots.


Sir Trots is utterly convinced he is the Kings right hand in all matters of 'utmost importance' (usually cruelty to anyone in his proximity).

I don't really know where I'm going with it, and eatch ep takes a freakload of time to make, but it's all in good fun.


I'd like to be a self-promoting ass, but I'd never go as far as to spam random youtuber's accounts.

..So I'm guessing it won't be completely out-of-place to post it here.

Feedback is greatly appreciated.


The youtube link bit doesn't seem to work, so here are some direct links:


Episode One - A Good Deed Indeed:



Episode Two - Impertinence and Fire:



Episode Three - Nuke The Farmers:


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Really? No comments :) ?

I guess I don't expect everyone to like this, it's quite strange and awkward..

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