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Galactic Princess

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Greetings! I'm not sure what the ruling is on games that aren't out yet (also games that are not yet popular, but I'm certain will catch up soon!), but I recently came across a promising game that's launching a kickstarter campaign soon, a game called Galactic Princess!

I'm posting it here for one because the art style is amazing and I want to steal it, but also because the forums there have all of 10 people in them which means this game needs WAY more exposure! I believe there was a Rock Paper Shotgun article about it, so hopefully that will help them out, but this game looks fantastic and I really want it to get as much exposure as it can, so check it out!

look at this picture, it's beautiful oh my god


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After some reading, it looks like a more involved/detailed version of FTL? I do like the look of how the physics will appear to work (especially like what was shown at the end of the teaser trailer). One to watch I think...

Feel free to PM me about almost anything and I'll do my best to answer. :)


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Look at this video:


The hypest hype that ever hyped.


At the risk of sounding like an advertisement, they have a kickstarter going on:

it's already fully funded, though, and it looks like the trend is pretty dead. Which sucks, because some of the stretch goals would be pretty cool to see in the game.

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Will be nice if this comes out in the next year or so... Hopefully they expand on the number of weapons, and other stuff...

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