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So I was kinda part of a game

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And by kinda I mean lead programmer.


Game: http://globalgamejam.org/2014/games/maz0r-laz0r


In essence, it's a puzzle game in which you have to fire off a laser and have it reach the end point (big red box) to open the door to proceed to the next level. You can pick up the mirrors and move them around to change the bounce path of the laser. Another mechanic which for some reason our group, in it's entire 48 hours without sleep glory, decided to not put in the instructions, is that the character itself acts as a rectangular mirror, able to bounce the laser off himself. This is needed to beat some levels.


Anywho, the game itself was only made in 48 hours. None of the content in there existed before the event. So naturally, it's buggy as hell (but still beatable.) I have been working in my own time to fix a lot of the bugs but none of the fixes are in this version so I feel the need to point them out.




-Pressing the pickup mirror button when next to 2 mirrors will erase one rendering level unbeatable. (fixed)

-it's possible to lose when you fire the last laser with no battery life even if that laser reaches the end (fixed)

-mirrors can be dropped directly on top of other mirrors (fixed)

-laser bounce isn't clean and sometimes doesn't register properly (working on right now)

--this includes both players and mirrors. mirror is currently cleaner but the bouncing off the player is still finicky

-EAR RAPING NOISE when clicking the exit button. I bold that because it's pretty damn loud. I didn't make that part so I can't currently say why it does that but according to the person who did, it's now fixed.

-No in game menu. Sorry but if you wanna quit you either gotta alt tab or lose the level.


Anyways this game is free so no need to pirate it. :P But if you truly are a rebel and somehow managed to find a torrent (I'd be both impressed and confused if you did) then by all means go for it you weird person you. It's also listed under Public Domain so anyone with a copy of Unity can mess around with it.

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