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Freeman's Mind Opening suggestion.

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This is a suggested opening for Freeman's Mind that I've been thinking of for a while and finally got around to making it. Its a parody of the opening sequence from the T.V show House M.D, I came up with the idea from some funny joke images with House wearing the Hazard suit, and that they both have a somewhat similar appearance. I may be a bit late to suggest something like this because Freeman's journey through xen is coming close; but I guess it could be used for the remainder of the lambda levels.


I have multiple versions of this opening sequence. One was done using black mesa source, I did this mainly for the high quality visuals but I am aware that this could be a bit misleading due to the series using the old hl graphics, so I made a version using the original game. Both the BMS and original game versions have three copies edited to the three different House themes, the Original U.S broadcast theme, European theme, and the Singaporean theme.


Black Mesa Source version



Original Half-Life version



files for download


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Hey man, that's pretty neat. I didn't even know there was a different Singaporean or European theme.

I think I like the original Half-Life one the best. I love the transition effects you applied, and there's something

quite cool about the death animation from the HECU soldier at the end. I'm surprised you don't have more views.

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