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  1. Wow man, that's incredible. Don't have much play time these days but I'll keep a copy of it. Thanks!
  2. Otto


    Just to note that Ross has gone through several iterations of Half-Life 2 before starting the series, including a pre-Steampipe copy, the current retail version and the Half-Life 2: Update mod. While there are some improvements from one thing over another, there's certainly no one size for all, as with most things Source. As far as I know he's still considering other options. Don't know about Cinematic Mod, but we have shared and looked at numerous recent and older community fixes that address random bugs and glitches. So far, both episodes have gone through multiple modded changes in the game specific to their recorded sequence. To say nothing of the adjustments required in post... I guess it's pretty much standard to Freeman's Mind nowadays, but Ross will find the right recourse. Rest assured all the obvious remedies have been figured in.
  3. Otto


    Haha, guys honestly, what's the joke? We got an episode, what would dictate whether this is "real" or not? Getting more episodes? We know he plans to make S2 eventually, right? So do you mean more now? More "soon"? More before the movie? If that's the specific concern, you gotta find the right words. Cuz I'm just sitting here enjoying an awesome episode at 1080p, and everybody's feeling reserved excitement; just let it out, guys! Case in point, man, what exactly do you want him to say tomorrow? Nah I won't talk shit, that was an interesting reaction and I'm curious. I was definitely quite sleep deprived when it was out but I never have motion sickness problems. Remember that motion blur is applied, and it would naturally look different in HL2 than it does in HL1 just because of the graphic upgrade, but I wonder if tiredness really affected it, if so then good to know. Did you watch in 1080/720p by chance? Haha, good point. Agree on that. Yah, and even then you can learn it in minutes, no camera cut was necessary. The only reason you saw the screen jump was because of the level loading. Though I never noticed the trash on the floor disappearing before, you'd think Valve wouldn't be that clumsy in an opening transition... Wow, people really feel affectionate about the show. Very nice of you to donate, I wonder if Ross just received a boost from the community about now. Umm, it's not? I believe this is the 2007/2010 SteamPipe version. Notice NPCs don't blink? G-Man's eyes are glowing?
  4. Otto

    Videochat November 2016

    I hope so, I kinda had a lot invested in x265. By the way, I wanted to share a comment somebody made as a quote from Freeman's Mind on a recent reddit post:
  5. Otto

    New Channels Announcement Video

    LOL, Bullseye... Holy Accursed Cow, three announcements in one week, plus new stream and new videos! Plus it's birthday week, assessment forms week, extra training week, moving house week, IT'S ALL TOO MUCH!
  6. Otto


    I forgot to play.
  7. Dude wow, that is actually really impressive. Out of curiosity, did you ask or email Ross about this pack? I know his emails have been a little delayed lately though.
  8. Otto

    Leap Day Update

    Aaaand I missed the entire broadcast, like a moron. Strangely enough, if I hadn't declined that BBQ, I probably would've remembered it was on.
  9. Otto

    Leap Day Update

    But Magda, really, there's nothing to worry about. I don't wish you any discomfort or mean to force you on camera, I'm just poking fun at you so you know I'm being silly, it's no big deal at all. Trust me, I know the pressure of your position. I was just asked a few hours ago by a bunch of guys and gals to go for a BBQ with them tomorrow, I had to decline so many times. I'd be the first person to ever back you up, I do understand. Anyway, 4:00 PM EST is 10:00 AM on Monday for me, that's pretty cool, I got no work then. Hopefully I'll see the whole thing this time.
  10. Otto

    Leap Day Update

    Yeah thanks for all the effort, guys. I haven't written a letter in years, if only I lived close enough to an EA office. No other mention of Magda's former planned appearance? What happened, did we scare her off? Did she have other duties? Did she just change her mind? Does she hate us? Why you have forsaken us, Magda? When do we get to seeee?
  11. Otto

    Late January Update

    Thanks for the responses, Ross, ThickCrow and Daft. There's also some really good questions here, especially from Dextro. Man, I'm ten times more scared than you are, so I know how you feel. I could barely bring myself to talk in a competitive game not long ago. But you're also completely sweet and harmless, so I don't think you could do anything bad. I'm not trying to pressure you into streaming, you should just do whatever feels right when it's comfortable, but I can also see why you get so many questions about your channel and future videos. I like this one, I wonder if Ross has any favourite voice actors. I also wonder, if he had to star in a major movie role himself, what character or movie he would pick.
  12. Otto

    Are you a lady or a gentleman.

    So do you think gals tend to be more introspective than guys or is the ratio exactly the same? Are ladies more analytical and logical thinking? Are men less emotionally aware than their sisters? Do girls naturally express it better? Which group tends to be more shy, boys or lasses? Which countries are more matriarch-driven, or have an overproportionally higher populations of women / lads? Do dudes die more often, or do they just kill themselves more often? Have I used every term to describe each gender yet? These are the things I think about.
  13. Otto

    Late January Update

    Awesome to hear. So will the Co-Optional podcast be live, or can we only see it once it's uploaded to his channel later?
  14. Otto


    I seem to be the only person in real life who's interested in other people's dreams. Everybody else I know immediately gets bored.
  15. Otto

    Valve News Network Podcast

    Haha, I'm glad you're always watching in case we don't, Magda. I have to agree that Tyler is a great guy, I'm blown away by the sheer amount of content he puts out with such frequency. And I'm pretty sure it's mostly just him running everything too, so throwing interviews with people like Ross into that is certainly impressive. At the same time, I also agree with Katarn and YeIIowDucK. I would say that with the amount of work, research and quality that ValveTime puts out in comparison, it absolutely deserves more views than it gets; especially for its exclusive content recently on Episode 4 and The Crossing, that stuff was great. This isn't a complaint to Ross at all, they don't even do interviews like VNN does, but I was thinking about this topic recently and thought I might share my views... VT's episodes cover a broad range of Valve and Source news that are incredibly thorough, detailed, and with every source referenced accurately and even linked conveniently with timestamps in the description. They get a few thousand views on average, their website is far less active now, they release less often, they do some giveaways, but otherwise no streams, podcasts or interviews. VNN has quadruple followers, gets hundreds of thousands of views for its, arguably misleading, popular videos, and has otherwise over triple that of VT's average. It used to have a lot of "sensational" headlines, at least for the more subjective rants, it seems to over proportionally cover TF2 updates, the footage always comprising of frag videos and usually nothing to do with the topic at hand, far less sources are used or linked, and though this is a personal taste, I'm put off by every opening "HEYWHAT'SHAPPENINGGUYS,THIS IS TYLER!" on his videos with that news-voice. I like how VT always has an actual description, sometimes starting with "Topics Discussed this Week:" and underlines every subject with sources. VNN, on the other hand, always starts with: Patreon : Watch my Streams : Steam Group : I don't want to offend anyone, Tyler is awesome and does a ton of research himself. He's far more active than VT, I don't even know how he finds the time to post frequent news, let alone his LPs, reviews, interviews and videos of his girlfriend playing and dancing with him. But in terms of style, his music, tone, fast-paced editing, action-footage and video titles, I personally find that VT puts a bit more thought, time and objectivity in their videos by comparison, but then again they do different things. It's really about preference of style, of course, there's no need for me to get all technical. They are different channels with differing goals. And hey, VT released a video over the holidays making a subtle criticism about misinformation on YouTube, and Tyler actually responded with a desire to work together and do their best with presentation. Tyler actually changes VNN based on feedback, he asks people how to make it better and I like the sound of him far better than I used to. Unlike FunHaus, TheKnow or whatever those Machinima guys are called, I wouldn't quite call him destructive to the community. But seriously, I don't think those guys even care about their audience. Sorry this is so off-topic. Thanks for doing the great podcast, I've really enjoyed it so far.

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