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  1. I remember beating the game with what ever class that let you summon a minion that you could give a weapon to, I think it was an engineer not 100% thou. That was my only time spent with the game and from watching ross, I think the game just had crappy class balance imo.
  2. No worries friend, it just makes the game funner imo.
  3. Almost forgot, I have around 3k sound clips cut out in ogg format if anyone wants them, they were used for the planetside 2 voice pack but they could be used for what ever. It could save someone time if they are trying to use clips of Scott's Voice for other ideas. If anyone is interested I'll zip them up and upload them.
  4. I made this a year ago, 3k clips from all of MoF up to the first eps of HL2, if you play PlanetSide 2 and use Recursion Stat Tracker you might enjoy it. Credit for sound source was given to Accursed farms and links provided in the pack https://tinyurl.com/MOPV1
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